Art & Illustration


The Short Story

My parents named me after my grandfather Louie No. 1. Number One retired in Stockbridge, Georgia- where I would visit him during most summers. My grandfather was fundamentally an explorer and a tinkerer.  Whether weeding tomato beds in his signature wingtip garden shoes, designing sling shots, baiting hooks by the pond, or picking plump muscadines right off the vine, he helped me to see how beautiful the everyday could be with the proper lens. 

Inevitably, that voice would call out, seemingly to the entire county, “Louieeee!". Grandma was on the porch and I, ever hopeful for a Coca-Cola or ice-cream sandwich, would quickly reply, “Yes ma’am” - already on a beeline to meet her. (I just always assumed that the Louie she had in mind was me - Grandpa was Grandpa, not Louie.) But all too often she’d stop me with the same refrain, “not you, the other Louie”.

And so became The Other Louie. A kind of call-and-response acknowledgment of who I was by reminding me of who I wasn’t.  The Other Louie is now a place where I create, explore, tinker, build and share.  Enjoy.